Student Announcements

Parking for 2020-2021-Seniors Only

Seniors (only) may request their Fall 2020-2021 parking spaces. Please click on the link below to access the form. This is for SENIORS ONLY through June 30th 

Parking for Juniors will open up July 1st, and for Sophomores/Freshmen on July 15th. Watch the announcements for details. Parking is assigned first come, first serve.

You may also find the link within the BWHS website, under Students, Information, Student Parking.

Parking 2020-2021

Class of 2020 and Class of 2021 Looking for an ACT Test Date

Many businesses and educational facilities are closed or at limited capacity and this has impacted your options to take the ACT.  In this time of limited test access it may be important to expand your search to SAT also.  

Princeton Review Article that notes that most colleges will take SAT or ACT and taking both is beneficial. You may do better on one test format than the other. Find out which is best for you.  Getting into either test and both right now is important just to expand your odds of finding a test date.    

Both ACT and SAT are unsure when their testing sites will be available and at capacity.  Note that most universities and high schools offer test dates and expanding your search beyond our immediate region or to rural sites that might not be full can be beneficial.  Sites across the border in other states may be operational even when ours are not.  Make sure you still report your HS of enrollment correctly.  Note that SAT is offering priority registration for students in the Class of 2020 or 2021 who have no score. 

ACT Dates and Deadlines  -  Deadlines for the July 18 test are June 19 and 26. 

ACT Locations SAT Dates and Deadlines - Deadlines for the August 29 test are July 31 and August 18.

SAT is adding dates through the end of the year.

UofA will take either SAT or ACT.

A-State will take either SAT or ACT.

OU will take either SAT or ACT.

And the list goes on.  If you are in the Class of 2020 or the Class of 2021 and need a test, take either test when it is available to expand your options in this time of limited business and education facility openings.

Our Class of 2021 free ACT administration during the school day planned for this past April is expected to be rescheduled for a school day in the fall.