Bentonville Public Schools

Transportation Services

Transportation Services Director: Christopher DeWitt
Phone Number: (479) 254-5080
Transportation Assistant Director: Sonny Lee
Phone Number: (479) 254-5083
Transportation Assistant: Ana Howard
Phone Number: (479) 696-9587

The District operates approximately 118 buses, transporting over 5,000 students daily. Transportation services are provided for students as long as they abide by the District's Bus Conduct Rules. These rules are strictly enforced. Failure to follow the rules can result in the loss of riding privileges. Parents and students are provided with copies of bus rules at the beginning of each school year or upon enrollment in the District. Bus route information can be obtained by contacting the Transportation Department at (479) 254-5080 or by accessing the link below.

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Transportation Personnel:
Adrain Broadus Transportation Services Driver
Adrienne Krifka Transportation Services Bus Aide
Ana Howard Shop Transportation Assistant
Angela Russell Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Anita Marcum-Tabor Shop Driver
Arisai Avalos Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Ashley Tate Shop Driver
Barbara Glenn Shop Bus Driver
Bill Breedlove Transportation Services Bus Aide Hourly
Bill Shafer Shop Driver
Bob Blumhardt Transportation Services Service / Shop Manager
Bob Phillips Shop Driver
Brad Bernards Shop Bus Driver
Brenda Hofer Transportation Services Driver
Brian Wilmoth Transportation Services Driver
Bryant Lewis Shop Bus Driver
Carl Chiocco Transportation Services Unassigned Driver Hourly
Carol Weltmer Shop Driver
Carson Rankin Shop Driver
Catherine Stone Shop Bus Assistant
Charles Andrews Transportation Services Driver
Chayce Andreasen Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Cheryl Lundholm Shop Driver
Chesley Arrington Shop Driver
Christina Skaggs Shop Driver
Christopher Dewitt Shop Director of Transportation
Courtney Johnston Shop Bus Driver
Crystal Smith Transportation Services Driver
Curtis Clark Transportation Services Diesel Mechanic - Exp Diagnostics/in-Frame Rebuilds
Curtis Yarrington Shop Bus Driver
Dahrron Moss Shop Transportation Supv
Dana Shockley Shop Driver
Daniel Easter Transportation Services Driver
Darlene Copeland Shop Bus Driver
David Bice Transportation Services Driver
David Dyer Shop Bus Driver
David Lynn Shop Bus Driver
David Stewart Shop Bus Driver
Deb Bartholomew Shop Driver
Debra Young Shop Driver
Dick Rogers Transportation Services Driver
Don Scott Shop Driver
Donald Carroll Shop Bus Driver
Donald Wilson Shop Bus Driver
Donna Spooner Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Douglas Adams Shop Bus Driver
Eddie Ellis Shop Driver
Edward Young Transportation Services Driver
Efren Centeno Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Erin Eddy Shop Bus Driver
Garrett Splichal Shop Bus Driver
Glenda Lambert Shop Office Assistant - Transportation Secretary
Glenn Patterson Shop Driver
Gordon Kissinger Shop Driver
Harold Holliday Shop Driver
Heath Taylor Transportation Services Driver
Heidi Scott Shop Driver
Ismael Holguin Shop Driver
Jack Bland Transportation Services Driver
Jacquelyn Walden Transportation Services Bus Aide
James Christman Shop Bus Driver
James Elam Transportation Services Driver
James Osborn Shop Driver
James Vander Molen Shop Bus Driver
James B Whitley Transportation Services Unassigned Driver Hourly
Jamie Deemer Transportation Services Driver
Jeff Snow Transportation Services Unassigned Driver Hourly
Jeremy Jakubowski Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Jerry White Shop Driver
Joclynn Hammond Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Joe Bishop Shop Driver
Johnathan Farler-Hoyt Shop Bus Driver
Jonathan Hall Shop Driver
Jonathan Hoodenpyle Shop Bus Driver
Jose Rodriguez Shop Driver
Kali Reynolds Transportation Services Bus Aide
Kamren Cirincione Shop Transportation - Mechanic
Kari Ward Transportation Services System Route Coordinator Assistant
Kathleen Parker Shop Bus Driver
Kelly Sik Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Kendall Martin Shop Transportation - Lead Mechanic
Kevin Christians Shop Bus Driver
Kevin Reid Shop Driver
Kirk Foster Shop Driver
Kristian Walters Transportation Services Driver
Kristie Holliday Shop Driver
Linda Key Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Linden Willson Shop Driver
Lisa Fitzner Shop Bus Aide
Louann Murphy Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Lucinda Helmick Transportation Services Bus Aide
Marie Cowgur Shop Driver
Mark Scogin Shop Driver
Mark Weltmer Shop Driver
Martin Butrymoicz Transportation Services Driver
Mary Slosarczyk Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Melissa Martin Shop Bus Driver
Michael Hale Shop Bus Mechanic
Michael Kane Transportation Services Driver
Michael Kennedy Shop Driver
Mike Helmick Shop Driver
Mike Scott Shop Driver
Mike Walden Shop Driver
Mindy Harris Transportation Services Driver
Nancy Cox Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Oleta Payne Shop Bus Driver
Pam Walker Shop Driver
Pamala Parson Shop Bus Assistant
Pamela Lapone Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Paul Carnes Shop Bus Driver
Paul Short Shop Driver
Perry Crabb Shop Bus Driver
Phil Chamberlain Shop Driver
Phil Schoeppe Shop Driver
Phillip Mason Shop Bus Driver
Ramon Socarro Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Reba Menendez Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Regina King Transportation Services Driver
Rex Williams Shop Driver
Richard Whitehead Shop Driver
Rick Dochterman Shop Bus Driver
Robert Young Shop Driver
Roger Reid Shop Driver
Ron Pearson Shop Driver
Ronnie Smith Shop Bus Driver
Roy McGonigal Shop Driver
Ruth Perez Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Sean Wright Shop Bus Mechanic
Sharon White Shop Driver
Shawn Holland Shop Driver
Sheila Jump Shop Driver
Sherry Lincecum Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Stacey Childress Transportation Services Driver
Stephen Burczyk Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Steve Brown Shop Driver
Steven Dodge Shop Bus Driver
Tammy Ragsdale Shop Office Assistant - Transportation Secretary
Tanya Tisdale Shop Driver
Tate Courtney Shop Driver
Thomas Fleming Shop Driver
Tiffany Sewell Shop Bus Aide/Monitor
Tracy Stith Shop Driver
Vera Bise Shop Driver
Vic Turnage Shop Driver
Vicki Pomykala Shop Driver
Zona Ingle Shop Driver