Bentonville High School

1801 SE J Street Click for Map
Bentonville, AR 72712

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School Information
Principal: Chad Scott
Web site:
Phone: (479) 254-5100
Building Fax: (479) 271-1184
Total Enrollment: 4007 students
Calendar Type: Traditional Calendar
Testing Calendar: District Testing Calendar
School Profile: Bentonville High School Profile
School Level: HS
School Schedule
Start Time: 8:55 a.m.
End Time: 3:55 p.m.
Parental Involvement Information:
Bentonville High School Student Handbook High School Handbook
  *** Please read the handbook, print the last page, sign and return at registration ***
Bentonville High School Parental Involvement Plan Parental Involvement Plan
District Media Release Form Privacy Guidelines and Media Release Form
Enrollment Information Page Enrollment Information
Health Services Information Health Services Information and Forms
Nutritional Services Information Page Parent Letter and Free and Reduced Lunch Application
Volunteer Form Parent Volunteer Form
School Administration
Allison England Assistant Principal  
Eric Hipp Assistant Principal  
Jack Loyd FLC Assistant Principal for Student Services  
Tommy Runnels SCRUBS/VPAC/Gateway Asst Prin for Student Services  
Chad Scott IMPACT & STEAM Asst Prin for Academic Services  
James Swim IMPACT & STEAM Asst Principal for Student Services  
Tanya Vaughn Assistant Principal  
Office Staff
Parra Byron Counselor  
Sarah Campbell Counselor  
Shonda Chamberlain SCRUBS Counselor  
Amy Dewar Counselor  
Cindy Evins Counselor  
Emily Farley VPAC Counselor  
Jodie Fields IMPACT Counselor  
Patricia Heitzman Gateway and Youth Bridge Counselor  
George Radell STEAM Counselor  
Maolina Yang Special Education Counselor  
Sandy Brown Special Services Receptionist  
Jo Ellen Dare Office Assistant - Counselors Secretary  
Cynthia DeLeon Office Assistant - Receptionist  
Suzanne Derouin Office Assistant - BHS Fine Arts  
Anna Marie Engler Office Assistant - Registrar  
Brenda Galloway Office Assistant - Administrative Assistant  
Lilia Garcia Receptionist  
Khristina Gerads Bookkeeper  
Sally Geren Office Assistant .5  
Jerri Gillespie Receptionist  
Maria Goostree Office Assistant - Counseling & Student Services  
Debi Hartwig SCRUBS/VPAC/Gateway Asst for Stu Srvs/Attendance  
Melanie Hill Office Assistant - Administrative Assistant  
Melanie Holmquist Office Assistant - Administrative Assistant  
Jessica Kirmer Bookkeeper- South  
Debbie Lee FLC Office Asst for Student Services - Attendance  
Lynn Manning Office Assistant - Registrar  
Stephanie Mayhall Office Assistant - Counselors Secretary  
Edith Morris Office Assistant - Special Ed  
Kayla Solorz Office Assistant - Registrar  
Melanie Taylor FLC Office Assistant for Academic Services  
Laurie Watts Principals Secretary  
Renita Williams IMPACT/STEAM Office Assistant- Student Services  
School Faculty
Rebecca Cantey Science VPAC
Holly Howard Science IMPACT
Jacob Smith Science
Marsha Tyer Science SCRUBS
Amy Willim Science FLC
Sheila Munn Adaptive PE
Jennifer Power Advisor Coordinator
Stephen Oldham Agriculture SCRUBS
Teddi Wood-Holt Agriculture / Facs FLC
Jessica Imel ALE Career Technical
James Boyster ALE Social Studies/Coordinator
Erin Price-Loncarevic ALE Teacher English FLC
Sarah Bartmier Art VPAC
Caroline Beyer Art FLC
Shane Beyer Art VPAC
Joe Blair Art VPAC
Joshua Jenkins Art FLC
Holly Knott Art FLC
Stacy McKean Art VPAC
Carson Rankin Art VPAC
Kimberly Williams Art VPAC
Christopher Wray Art FLC
Jason McMahan Assistant Athletic Director / Boys Basketball Coach STEAM
Brandon Hults Assistant Band Director VPAC
Allison England Assistant Principal
Eric Hipp Assistant Principal
Jack Loyd Assistant Principal FLC
Tommy Runnels Assistant Principal VPAC
James Swim Assistant Principal IMPACT
Tanya Vaughn Assistant Principal
Aubrey Elliott Band
Nicholas Fernandez Band - Secondary - Percussion Specialist Preferred VPAC
Scott Tomlinson Band Director VPAC
Christopher Sumner Band: Asst HS - Brass
Gini Cocanower Business STEAM
Michelle Schaffner Business
Patsy Sooter Business IMPACT
Becky Jones Business / Tech Ed Coordinator IMPACT
Maud King Business: Finance & Bus Law STEAM
Don Froning CAD STEAM
Wendy Fusselman Career Choices - CTE FLC
Kelli Moore Career Ed.5/Health .5 Volleyball Asst Coach FLC
Lu Chen Chinese
Hui Qu Chinese FLC
Barry Lunney Coach / Assistant Ad IMPACT
John Mackey Computer Applications / Keyboarding / Head Basketball Boys 9th Grade Coach FLC
Parra Byron Counselor
Sarah Campbell Counselor
Shonda Chamberlain Counselor SCRUBS
Amy Dewar Counselor
Cindy Evins Counselor
Emily Farley Counselor VPAC
Jodie Fields Counselor IMPACT
George Radell Counselor STEAM
Maolina Yang Counselor IMPACT
Patricia Heitzman Counselor / ALE
David Pollard Credit Recovery / Football Assistant HS Coach STEAM
Houston Horton CTE - Yearbook/Journalism VPAC
Rebecca Johnson CTE Business IMPACT
Teresa Hudson CTE Coordinator .5/ Comp Appl .5
Kelly Parker CTE Project Lead the Way .5/ Science .5 STEAM
Margot Cowing CTE: Business STEAM
Tricia Dewitt Dean of Students
Benjamin Lewis Dean of Students
Julia Woods Dean of Students
Brett Bell Digital Electronics .5/ Science .5 STEAM
Chris Weeks Drafting and Design STEAM
Sarah Sone Drama / Costume / Makeup VPAC
Justin Scheuer Drama / Oral Communications VPAC
Kay Bray Educational Examiner
John Trice Educational Examiner
Tye Killingsworth Engineering- Digital Elec/ Biotech Engineering
Sarah Benish English IMPACT
Jo Bowen English FLC
Jordin Brown English FLC
Fran Caruthers English VPAC
Kelly Davis English VPAC
Norman Doege English SCRUBS
Troy Gittings English
Christy Gore English
Julie Griggs English STEAM
Carmen Jones English
Zachary Jostad English STEAM
Elizabeth Knapp English FLC
Ben Manatt English FLC
Cora McGinnis English FLC
Candace Metzger English
Brenda Parks English FLC
Lora Pate English IMPACT
Brooke Patrick English FLC
Trish Sitton English STEAM
Matthew Skrocki English VPAC
Christine Stewart English SCRUBS
Ryan Stripling English IMPACT
Heather Thompson English VPAC
Brittany Timpe English IMPACT
Joshua Vest English STEAM
Bobbie Warren English SCRUBS
Lauren Shassere English - ESL
Graci Brogan English - Forensics / Oral Communications FLC
Callie Ham English - Forensics / Oral Communications FLC
Brandi Bennett English - Oral Communications SCRUBS
Timothy Treese English - Oral Communications FLC
Benjamin Ring English - Soccer Boys Assistant Coach VPAC
Kaitlen Gober English .5
Kimberly Burgess ESL Designee
Audra Weeks Family & Consumer Science VPAC
Kimberly Carnahan Family Consumer Science FLC
Brenda Lumpkin Family Consumer Science SCRUBS
Anna Reynolds Family Consumer Science SCRUBS
Roberta Weiss Family Consumer Science FLC
Kristina Henry Family Consumer Science / Head HS Girls Soccer VPAC
Celine Simpson Foreign Language - French IMPACT
Kim Walker Foreign Language - French FLC
Misty Dail Foreign Language - Spanish FLC
Kimberly Rowan Foreign Language - Spanish STEAM
Amy Stufflebeam Foreign Language - Spanish SCRUBS
Christopher Marston Foreign Language - Spanish - French FLC
Angelica Grimes Foreign Language - Spanish AP IMPACT
Toma Whorton Health FLC
Michael Power Health - Track Boys Head HS - XC Track Boys Assistant Coach HS FLC
Brandon Lynch Health/Softball Assistant
David Chapman IB Coordinator .5/ Soc St .5 VPAC
Sarah Pugh Instructional Spec Sec - SocST .5/ .5 Soc St IMPACT
Jeremy Yates InstructSpec - Science 5-8 .5/Inst Specials NSLA 9-12 .5 SCRUBS
David Hudson Intramural Coordinator
Shelia Higgins ISSC Supervisor STEAM
Mary Thicksten Library Media Specialist STEAM
Traci Holland Library Media Specialist-E Library / Web Coordinator IMPACT
Stuart Brune Life Science
Katie Bartelt Math SCRUBS
Wanda Brown Math
Sheena Calvert Math FLC
Robyn Carter Math
Diana Duncan Math FLC
Warren Gaydusek Math VPAC
Heather Gross Math
Susan Groves Math VPAC
Beth Jones Math IMPACT
Jane Jones Math SCRUBS
Janet Kirk Math STEAM
Nancy LaBrue Math STEAM
Leanna McCollum Math VPAC
Brian McKean Math STEAM
Rebecca Mills Math FLC
Mindy Redfeairn Math IMPACT
Stephanie Reese Math VPAC
Rick Robertson Math FLC
Lisa Senkevech Math STEAM
Meredith Sturgis Math FLC
Joseph Wilson Math SCRUBS
Sarah Camp Math Gr 9-12 STEAM
Michelle Thomas Math Gr 9-12 VPAC
Deborah Schooley Math - ALE
Charlotte Champagne Math - Algebra SCRUBS
Randall Richardson Math - Algebra / Basketball Girls Assistant HS Coach FLC
Amber Allison Math - Algebra / Geometry
Beth Mims Math - Algebra/Finite SCRUBS
Jared Cecil Math / Assistant 9th Football Black FLC
Raymond Mayer Math / Basketball Boys Assistant HS Coach IMPACT
Kyle Smith Math / Bowling STEAM
Kevin York Math / Football Assistant Coach HS SCRUBS
Jeremy Woody Math / HS Asst Baseball IMPACT
Brent Hubin Math.5
Brian Ross Math/ Bskt Coach 9th Gr
Kimmery Kobe Math/ ESL Math FLC
Anna McCain Medical Professions SCRUBS
Ana Mizelle Medical Professions SCRUBS
Agnes Moll Medical Professions SCRUBS
Kayla Abernathy Music - Choir VPAC
James Griggs III Music - Choir VPAC
Terry Hicks Music - Choir VPAC
Jesse Collett Music - Orchestra VPAC
Tiffany Tucker Oral Comm
Justin Knapp Oral Communications FLC
Virginia Scheuer Oral Communications
Thomas Halbmaier PE / Assistant Athletic Director / Basketball Head Coach Girls HS STEAM
Rod Washington PE / Assistant Football Coach HS
Brandon Cole PE / Assistant High School Boys Basketball Coach FLC
Tony Cherico PE / Assistant HS Football IMPACT
Holly Treat PE / Basketball Girls Head Coach 9th Grade FLC
Tracy Kaufman PE / Cheer / Dance FLC
William Abbott PE / Head HS Baseball SCRUBS
Michelle Smith PE / Head HS Volleyball FLC
Kent Early PE / Health / Coach Softball Head HS Coach / Golf Boys Head HS Coach VPAC
Jason Swim Phys Science .75/ Gateway Bike Shop .25 SCRUBS
Raquel De Castro Phys/Life Science ESL FLC
David Castronova Physical Science
Cayse Chitty Physical Science
Lisa Baker Physical/Life Science
Alice Haney Post Secondary Advisor IMPACT
Robert Jones Pre GED / ALE / Football Assistant Coach HS
Chad Scott Principal STEAM
Derek Miller Psychology SCRUBS
Shannon Banks-Yocom Psychology .5
Stacy Golden School Psychology Specialist
Stephanie Ordaz Science IMPACT
Heather Phillips Science FLC
Amanda Teece Science VPAC
Cal Culver Science - ALE
Robert Stadel Science - Anatomy/ Physiology/ Basketball Boys Assistant Coach HS SCRUBS
Beverly Eubanks Science - Biology FLC
Heidi Scott Science - Biology SCRUBS
Liz Bratcher Science - Biology .5 STEAM
Tara Pfeil Science - Biology / Volleyball Head Coach 9th Grade STEAM
Todd Brown Science - Biology/Chemstry IMPACT
Douglas Hansen Science - Chemistry VPAC
Steven Kitchens Science - Chemistry IMPACT
Randall Ramaker Science - Chemistry / Track Head Coach Girls HS / XC Head Coach Girl-Boys HS SCRUBS
Tom Hollingsworth Science - Life VPAC
Leah Bowerman Science - Life/Earth FLC
Callie Sanchez Science - Physical SCRUBS
Clint Holderby Science - Physical/Biology FLC
Susan Brock Science - Physical/Physics IMPACT
Keith Paxton Science - Physics STEAM
Tiffany Daniels Science / ESL FLC
Jennifer Furstenberg Science Physical FLC
Susie Davis Science-Physicale/Pre-AP Chemistry FLC
Lesley Carnes Social Studies
Andrea Fulfer Social Studies
Richard Gobble Social Studies STEAM
Stacy Harris Social Studies VPAC
Michael Hunter Social Studies VPAC
John McElroy Social Studies IMPACT
Nolan Moyer Social Studies
Emily Nuss Social Studies STEAM
Sarah Preston Social Studies
Greg Puckett Social Studies IMPACT
Lyndsey Randall Social Studies IMPACT
Rickey Richards Social Studies VPAC
Shawna Shields Social Studies
Kim Sullivan Social Studies IMPACT
Corey Thomas Social Studies
Joshua Thompson Social Studies STEAM
Aaron Williams Social Studies SCRUBS
Kurt Zimmerman Social Studies STEAM
Donald Payne Social Studies - Economics / US History VPAC
Nicholas Nersesian Social Studies - World History / Health SCRUBS
Michael Eaves Social Studies / Basketball Head Girls 9th Grade Coach FLC
Brian Matchell Social Studies / Basketball HS Boys Assistant Coach SCRUBS
Greg Hendrix Social Studies / Football Assistant 9th / Track Assistant High School Boys
Chris Hutchens Social Studies / Football Head Coach 9th Grade FLC
Rob Barnes Social Studies / Head 9th Volleyball Gold / Head 9th Track Boys BHS FLC
Michael Devaney Social Studies / Head HS Soccer Boys IMPACT
Jaclyn Evans Social Studies / XC / Track STEAM
Todd Boddie Social Studies / XC Head Coach 9th / Track Assistant Coach Boys FLC
David Welsher Social Studies/ ESL SCRUBS
Lance Downing Social Studies/Baseball Asst
Aaron Wise Social Studies/Wrestling Coach VPAC
Carolina Adkins Spanish FLC
Heather Burgess-Upton Spanish VPAC
Marsha Chambliss Spanish SCRUBS
Windsor Dutton Spanish FLC
Erin Patrick Spanish FLC
Lisa Morrison Spanish I & II IMPACT
Sherrin Tucker Special Ed - Math
William Desler Special Ed - Adaptive PE / Wrestling
Marc Coombs Special Ed - Autism
Megan Fuller Special Ed - Autism
Rachel Baker Special Ed - Behavior IMPACT
Debra Grisso Special Ed - Behavior IMPACT
Julia Howell Special Ed - Behavior
Vickie Hartwell Special Ed - Business Math STEAM
Vicky Haygood Special Ed - English
Elizabeth Cusack Special Ed - English / Read 180 STEAM
Michele Graham-Birge Special Ed - English / Read 180 SCRUBS
Patricia Hawkinson Special Ed - Literacy IMPACT
Gloria Schwab Special Ed - Read 180 SCRUBS
Mark Hale Special Ed - Read 180 / English
Michelle Brolliar Special Ed - Resource FLC
Michel Jones Special Ed - Resource / Algebra I FLC
Mikel Sparks Special Ed - Resource / Civics / Economics / Government VPAC
Sheila Patterson Special Ed - Resource / English / Read 180 STEAM
Bevin Harper Special Ed - Resource / Math
Stacy Price Special Ed - Resource / Math IMPACT
William Thomas Special Ed - Resource / Science / Biology / Health FLC
Holly Ross Special Ed - Resource: History IMPACT
Gail Hayes Special Ed - Resource: Science STEAM
Kendra Skaggs Special Ed - Self Contained
Esther Storey Special Ed - Self Contained VPAC
Lynn Shonhart Special Ed - Self Contained / Physical Science FLC
Melissa Blair Special Ed - SSP IMPACT
Brett Hudson SpEd - Bridge/SC VPAC
Linda Horton SpEd - Oral Comm .5
Janice Roberts SpEd - Workforce/Career IMPACT
Martin Salas SpEd Health .5/Health .5
Sally Price SpEd Math
Penny Graves SpEd Transition Coordinator IMPACT
Jennifer Coaten SpEd-Math SCRUBS
Barbara Reed SpEd-SSP IMPACT
Patti Neubert Speech Pathologist
Kembra Mathis Sports Medicine SCRUBS
Scott Fusselman Tv Broadcast/Comp Appl/Coach FLC
Steven Schultz Vocational - Engineer STEAM
Classified Staff:
Khristina Gerads Bookkeeper  
Jessica Kirmer Bookkeeper - (South)  
Gary Davis Campus Security  
Mike Kalagias Campus Security  
Carmina Diaz Custodian  
Pedro Martinez Custodian  
Garry Bruch Director of Arend Art Center  
Twila Butler Family Specialist  
Tricia Meier Family Specialist  
Elvia Demaree Instruct Aide - ESL Instruction Support  
Pat Davis Instructional Aide - Behavior  
James Fancher Instructional Aide - Behavior  
Connie Burns Instructional Aide - Library  
Nadina May Instructional Aide - Special Ed Autism  
Chris Davidson Instructional Aide - Special Ed SSP  
Chris Chapman Instructional Aide - SpEd Autism  
Tracy Crawford Instructional Aide - SpEd Autism  
Lara Clark Instructional Aide - SpEd Behavior  
Steve Grigsby Instructional Aide - SpEd Behavior  
Renae Robinson Instructional Aide - SpEd Behavior  
Hoa Bury Instructional Aide - SpEd Job Coach  
Christie Moore Instructional Aide - SpEd Job Coach  
David McMillan Instructional Aide - SpEd One on One  
Kelly Carruthers Instructional Aide - SpEd Resource  
Cynthia Breece Instructional Aide - SpEd Self Contained  
Bobbi Heidelberg Instructional Aide - SpEd Self Contained  
Eva Jordan Instructional Aide - SpEd Self Contained  
Shannon Pitts Instructional Aide - SpEd Self Contained  
Annette Burkes Instructional Aide - SpEd SSP  
Debra Clowers Instructional Aide - SpEd SSP  
Graciela Dealcon Instructional Aide - SpEd SSP  
Laurel Darby Nurse  
Jenny Fox Nurse  
Sharon Mitchell Nurse  
Carol Wilson Nurse  
Brenda Galloway Office Assistant - Administrative Assistant  
Lilia Garcia Office Assistant - Administrative Assistant  
Debi Hartwig Office Assistant - Administrative Assistant  
Melanie Hill Office Assistant - Administrative Assistant  
Melanie Holmquist Office Assistant - Administrative Assistant  
Debbie Lee Office Assistant - Administrative Assistant  
Melanie Taylor Office Assistant - Administrative Assistant  
Renita Williams Office Assistant - Administrative Assistant  
Suzanne Derouin Office Assistant - BHS Fine Arts  
Jo Ellen Dare Office Assistant - Counselors Secretary  
Stephanie Mayhall Office Assistant - Counselors Secretary  
Maria Goostree Office Assistant - Gateway Registrar  
Cynthia DeLeon Office Assistant - Receptionist  
Jerri Gillespie Office Assistant - Receptionist  
Anna Marie Engler Office Assistant - Registrar  
Sally Geren Office Assistant - Registrar  
Lynn Manning Office Assistant - Registrar  
Kayla Solorz Office Assistant - Registrar  
Edith Morris Office Assistant - Special Ed  
Sandy Brown Office Assistant - SpEd Assistant  
Marvin Berggren Parking Lot Security  
Laurie Watts Principal Secretary  
Kim Caylor Student Advocate  
Teresa DeBus Tech Bldg Support Staff  
Cindy Griffith Tech Bldg Support Staff  
Kyle Fowler Technical Director