English/Second Language

1002 SE 14th Street Click for Map
Bentonville, AR 72712

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School Information
Principal: Janet Schwanhausser
Web site:
Phone: (479) 254-5019
Building Fax:
Calendar Type: Traditional Calendar
Testing Calendar: District Testing Calendar
School Profile: English/Second Language Profile
School Level: NA
School Schedule
Start Time:
End Time:
Parental Involvement Information:
English/Second Language Student Handbook
  *** Please read the handbook, print the last page, sign and return at registration ***
English/Second Language Parental Involvement Plan Parental Involvement Plan
District Media Release Form Privacy Guidelines and Media Release Form
Enrollment Information Page Enrollment Information
Health Services Information Health Services Information and Forms
Nutritional Services Information Page Parent Letter and Free and Reduced Lunch Application
Volunteer Form Parent Volunteer Form
School Administration
Office Staff
Isabel Thompson Office Assistant-Interpreter  
School Faculty
Ginger Mayes English Language Development Specialist
Classified Staff:
Isabel Thompson Office Assistant-Interpreter