Bentonville Public Schools

Parent Information

State Mandated Testing Data

Current law and the State Board of Education regulations require the administration of criterion-referenced tests (CRTs), and norm-referenced tests (NRTs). ALL students are expected to participate in state assessments.

The state-mandated criterion-referenced testing includes the Benchmark Exams at grades 3-8, End-of-Course Exams in Algebra I, Geometry, Biology, and a Grade 11 Literacy Exam.

The CRTs are aligned to the state math, English language arts, and science frameworks and were developed by Questar, Arkansas teachers, and the Arkansas Department of Education.

Norm-referenced testing, presently the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, is administered in grades 1, 2, and 9 in reading, mathematics, and language.

Qualls Early Learning Inventory

During the month of September, Bentonville elementary schools screened kindergarten students with the Qualls Early Learning Inventory (QELI). The six domains measured are: general knowledge, oral communication, written language, math concepts, work habits,` and attentive behavior. Schools will use the QELI as a snapshot of the student as they enter kindergarten.

The reports for this particular test should be back to the district in October and will provide information to teachers and to parents on the child's starting point in school.

Formative Assessments

Bentonville Public Schools uses formative/interim assessments to gauge progress in grades K-8 in math and literacy and grades 9-11 in literacy only. Research has shown that formative assessment is a key component necessary for school improvement, especially in high performing districts such as ours. Use of the formative assessments will identify pockets of non-understanding and specific academic deficits in individual students. Results will assist schools in monitoring and in modifying curriculum with the district's goal being higher student achievement on state-mandated tests and continuous student learning.

NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), adaptive assessments administered online, are the formative assessments utilized by schools. Tests occur in the fall, winter, and spring.