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Bentonville Public Schools Nine Year Growth Plan

Date: 12/31/2011 11:15:16 AM
For Immediate Release
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Mr. Poore

Bentonville Public Schools
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Community Members and Staff,

As your Superintendent and as the key representative of the Bentonville Board of Education we all feel a huge sense of responsibility to deliver a process that will elicit input from the Bentonville community. The Growth Issue is something that this community has tackled for more than a decade. There have been numerous committees such as 2020 Task Force and BHS II Committee. Additionally, the Bentonville Facility Committee has worked this issue for years and has been an integral part of fact finding and in ultimately making recommendations to the larger Board of Education. This decision impacts an entire region but most importantly it impacts well over 20,000 students who this District will serve for the next nine years (2020). This is the document that will be used to support the recommendation to the Board of Education in September.

As we worked on this process we have been pleased that every conversation, every meeting and every document that we have put together has started and ended with what is best for all of our students. We must change our delivery for students. We must have classrooms that are highly interactive, not just in the individual classroom, but school rooms that interact with other sites in the city, state, and nation and even in the world. We must prepare our students to have the skills and the experiences to survive and thrive in the new global economy. To make this a reality, we must have a highly qualified staff, we must provide the latest technical tools for our students and faculty to use, and we must ensure that there is equity of opportunity for every single student in this district. At the same time we must use our resources wisely and honor the fact-reality that we still live in a very challenging economy.

You should be able to access or receive two handouts. One is this document, that will become a working document, with numerous drafts (all posted on the web, starting Monday, August 29th ) sharing details of options as well as strengths and challenges of each option. The second document you can access or receive is a fact sheet that almost acts like a MLS listing for a real estate property. This fact sheet will share the financial cost and list all that is covered within an option in terms of square feet, number of rooms, etc. Finally, supporting documentation will be available on our web site. These supporting documents will share attendance projections, construction timelines, etc.

Thank you for investing your time to this process. The one thing that I can share with you is that no matter what option the Board of Education decides we must move forward as a united community in support of that decision.

Michael Alan Poore

Mr. Poore


The Bentonville Builds web site is available and contains all the information on the "Nine Year Growth Plan" and will be updated with new information as we progress through the desicion process. CLICK HERE for