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January 2012 Grade Card Letter
Principal's Blog | January 2012 Grade Card Letter
Date: 1/5/2012 11:50:50 AM
Contact: kgarrett

January 9, 2012

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome back from the holiday break!  I hope that you were able to
enjoy the time with friends and family. Enclosed with this letter you will find
your child’s first semester grade card and some important spring dates and
information.  The report card has changed a little this year.  You will find MP1 – this is the grade for the student for the entire semester prior to the final exam, EXM – this is the grade on the final exam, and SEM – this is the final grade for the semester.

Your student’s 2012 – 13 (if a 9-11th grader) requested classes are enclosed in this mailing,
along with a schedule change form.  You will also receive this via e-mail from Technology, along with a link that will
allow you to get back into the Online CAP registration to make changes to these
requests.  If you have internet access, please make any requested changes via the e-mail link.  If you do not have internet access, fill out and return the completed schedule change form to the high school if you wish to
make changes.  If you do not have your students requested classes in this mailing, please contact your student’s
counselor at the following number:

9th Grade A – K –
479-254-5165 (Mrs. Kelley)

9th Grade L – Z –
479-254-5194 (Mrs. Pappas)

VPAC – 479-254-5192 (Mrs.

IMPACT – 479-254-5152 (Mrs.

SCRUBS – 479-254-5151 (Miss

STEAM – 479-254-5150 (Mr.

Or you can contact Mr.
Sparacino at 479-254-5198

Please be sure to check your child’s courses for next year because these courses help us build our master
schedule and schedule changes are not allowed for courses not listed on the CAP

With winter here, please make sure that you have made plans with your child about early dismissal days
because of snow.  In years past, we have had early dismissal days and it’s always best to have a plan ahead of time.  On an early dismissal day, we will allow students with cars to leave first and we will allow students to use their cell
phones to call for rides.  Because of the staggered scheduled, busses will run their K-6 route before being able to run
the 7-12 route so this takes more time.   Please take a few moments and set up a plan with your child on these

The spring semester is a very busy time.  If you have internet access, please be sure to sign up for our daily automatic email announcements.  You can also check our building calendars through our BHS website.  I’d like to remind you that our spring semester contains a lot of testing and our End of Course Tests that will begin soon:  (*Mid-Year tests
are only required for students who finished the year long course in December.)

            Mid-Year* Algebra I EOC                            January17th  & 18th

            Mid-Year* Geometry EOC                            January 19th& 20th

            Mid-Year* Biology  EOC                             January 24th & 25th

            ASVAB Testing                                             February 7th & 9th

            11th Grade Literacy Test                                 March 6th & 7th

            Mock Literacy Test for 9th and 10th                March 6th & 7th

            12th grade College Visit/Job Shadow             March 6th & 7th

            11th Grade ACT Test                                      April 3rd

            IOWA Testing Window                                 April 2nd – April 13th

            Geometry EOC                                               April 17th & 18th

            Biology EOC                                                  April 24th & 25th

            High Stakes Algebra I EOC                           May 8th & 9th

            Advanced Placement (AP) Tests                    May 7th – May 18th

            International Baccalaureate (IB) Tests           May 2nd – May 22nd

All EOC Exams and the 11th Grade Literacy Test are Arkansas Department of Education Standardized Tests and
are very important.  If your child is enrolled in an 11th English class (AP or regular), Geometry,
Biology, or Algebra I, your child will be required to test.  If your child does not score at least
proficient, your child will be required to take a remediation course in that
subject next year and this class does not count toward graduation credit.  The High Stakes Algebra I EOC even
requires a successful passing score to graduate from an Arkansas high school

Because of the nature of these tests, your child’s teachers are working very diligently to successfully
prepare your child and will continue to do so.  However, there are some important ways that you can help too:

  • Put these dates on your calendar now so that you do not schedule any appointments on these days.
  • Speak to your child and/or your child’s teachers about any extra help available if you are concerned about your child being
         ready.  We have tutoring available      after school if needed.
  • Be sure that your child goes to bed early during the week of these tests.
  • Be sure that your child gets a good breakfast during testing days.

On March 6th & 7th (the 11th grade Literacy Test), the entire school will have
an alternative schedule depending on each grade level.  9th & 10th graders will take a Mock
Literacy Test that will mirror the actual 11th grade Literacy test.  These results will be graded according to
each grade level and this will better help us to identify students who need interventions.  Please do not schedule
any appointments during this time for 9th or 10th graders as they will be involved in testing and we will not interrupt their testing environment.  Students who miss the Mock Literacy Test will be required to make up the test during seminars.  12th graders will be given the option of college visits or job shadowing visits. Seniors will be given these permission slips in their seminar class and
will need to have the forms verified upon their return on March 8th.  BHS will be coordinating college visits to NWACC
and the University of Arkansas and this information will be provided through student announcements.  Seniors who do not visit colleges or job shadow will be required to attend school and will be involved in special senior assemblies both days.

This year, the ACT test will be given to all juniors free of charge on April 3rd.   This is a great opportunity for all 11th graders to see how prepared they are for college.  Most colleges require remediation classes if a student does not score at least a 19 on any section of
the ACT so this test will give students, parents, and teachers good information going into their senior year.  The ABSVAB
test is for students interested in the military.  Any interested student should sign up in Dr.
Scott’s office.

Other important info:

  • If your child took the PSAT test this fall, we have included your child’s score report.  Your child can pick up the actual PSAT booklet from the north counseling office. 

  • If you move during the school year, please bring in two proofs of residency of any of the
    following: a current utility bill(s), lease, or contract to any of our
    registrars so that your address can be updated in our computer system.

If your child was not as successful as he/she should have been in the fall semester, please let us know
by speaking your child’s SLC administrator or counselor.  Your child’s success at Bentonville High
School is important to us and we want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to support you and your child.

Thank you for your continued support of excellence in education.

 Kim Garrett



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