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Bentonville High School has grown very rapidly over the past few years. In an effort to help maintain the feel of a smaller school, BHS has established small learning communities for student and faculty organization. The learning communities are designed to accommodate students with similar interests and focus areas. All freshmen are in the Freshman Learning Community (FLC). Sophomores through seniors are in the learning community of their choice based upon their interests and future goals. Each student within a learning community is asked to complete three credits in his/her chosen focus area. Each focus area has a list of courses that can be taken to meet the requirement. Each learning community has a leadership team composed of an SLC principal, an office assistant, a counselor, and a teacher team leader. See a guidance counselor for more information.

Which SLC?



Freshman Learning Community

FLC's Web site

Phone Number: (479) 254-5195 Office Location: 1000 (South Building)
SLC Principal: Jack Loyd (Student Services)
Shirley Coleman (Academic Services)
Leslie Pappas (L-Z)
Office Assistant: Melanie Taylor (Academic Services)
Deb Lee (Attendance)
Team Leader: Chris Hutchens

Motto: "Confidence to Succeed"

Mission: Challenging students to discover their own paths to success.

Faculty:Rob Barnes, Kimberly Carnahan, Jared Cecil, Tiffany Daniels, Susie Davis, Diana Duncan, Jennifer Furstenberg, Michel Jones, Tracy Kaufman, Holly Knott, Kimmery Kobe, Brooke Patrick, Michelle Smith



International Management, Public Service, Administration, Communication, & Technology

Phone Number: (479) 254-5112 Office Location: 1000 (South Building)
SLC Principal: Chad Scott (Academic Services)
James Swim (Student Services)
Counselor: Jodie Fields
Office Assistant: Kristen Jones
Sasha Rousey (Attendance)
Team Leader: Anthony Halter

Motto: "Impacting One Student at a Time."

Mission: To launch globally aware, socially engaged, and personally responsible individuals into the future of their own design. IMPACT is dedicated to inspiring and empowering students to be strong, compassionate leaders and service-minded citizens prepared for the transition from school to our society and to the world.

Fields: Administrative Assistant, Agribusiness Systems, Archivist, Author, Banking, Cartographer, Clerical Work, Criminal Justice, Curator, Desktop Publishing & Interactive Multimedia, Editor, Financial Management, Government & Public Administration, Historian, International Business, Interpreter, Journalist, Law, Librarian, Lodging Management, Management, Marketing, Marketing, Ministry, Missionary, Public Relations, Public Service, Restaurant and Food & Beverage Services, Social Services, Sports Management, Statistician, Writer

Faculty:Susan Brock, Penny Graves, Traci Holland, Beth Jones, Steven Kitchens, Stephanie Ordaz, Lyndsey Randall, Stacey Simmons, Jeremy Woody, Maolina Yang



Service, Competition, Research, Unity, Benevolence, & Scholarship

Phone Number: (479) 254-5147 Office Location: 1000 (South Building)
SLC Principal: Jason Jedamski (Academic Services)
Tommy Runnels (Student Services)
Counselor: Shonda Chamberlain
Office Assistant: Kristen Jones (Academic Services)
Deb Lamborn
Team Leader: Benjamin Lewis

Motto: "To Serve"

Mission: Students will engage in meaningful and dynamic experiences in human services, research, and academics that allow them to apply their knowledge and talents throughout the community while touching the lives of others.

Fields: Animal Systems, Anthropology, Archeology, Coaching, Early Childhood Development, Education, Elementary Education, Family & Consumer Sciences, Life Sciences, Medical Professionals, Paleontology, Physical Conditioning, Plant Systems (Horticulture & Biological), Secondary Education, Sports Medicine, Training

Faculty:Todd Abbott, Brenda Lumpkin, Beth Mims, Ana Mizelle, Randall Ramaker, Aaron Williams



Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture, & Math

Phone Number: (479) 254-5112 Office Location: 1000 (South Building)
SLC Principal: Chad Scott (Academic Services)
James Swim (Student Services)
Counselor: George Radell
Office Assistant: Kristen Jones
Sasha Rousey
Team Leader: Shawn Russell

Motto: "Full STEAM Ahead!"

Mission: To achieve a balanced education through the pursuit of academics and the development of technological skills.

Fields: Architecture, Astronomy, Auto Collision Repair, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Building Construction Technology, Computer Programming, Engineering, Environmental Service Systems, Geographic Information Systems, Math, Meteorology, Military, Natural Resource Systems, Physical Sciences, Welding

Faculty:Richard Gobble, Sheila Patterson, Keith Paxton, George Radell, Mary Thicksten



Visual & Performing Arts Community

VPAC's Web site

Phone Number: (479) 254-5147 Office Location: 1000 (South Building)
SLC Principal: Jason Jedamski (Academic Sevvics)
Tommy Runnels (Student Services)
Counselor: Emily Farley
Office Assistant: Debbie Lamborn (Attendance)
Kristen Jones (Academic Services)
Team Leader: Heather Burgess-Upton

Motto: "S.A.I.L. - Seek Art In Life"


Fields: Cosmetology, Drama, Graphic Communications, Music, Theater, Visual Arts

Faculty:David Chapman, Jesse Collett, Nicholas Fernandez, Susan Groves, Stacy Harris, Rickey Richards, Justin Scheuer



Alternative Learning Program

Phone Number: (479) 254-5112 Office Location:
SLC Principal: Jason Jedamski Counselor: Pattie Heitzman
Office Assistant: Kristen Jones Team Leader: Christine Silano

Motto: Alternative Learning Environment

Mission: To help our students experience classroom success, recover academic credit, raise grade point averages, improve study and social skills, and transition successfully into a traditional classroom setting.


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