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History of Bentonville High School

Bentonville High School: 1920
History of Bentonville High School*

According to the History of Arkansas (1889), the first public school in Bentonville was constructed in 1872. It burned and was rebuilt in 1880. Until 1910 the elementary and high school were together. In 1910 the school district acquired the old Ouachita Academy building and changed it to Bentonville High School and housed grades 9-12. In 1928 a new school was constructed at the cost of $25,000 (currently Old High Middle School).

The ever-growing Bentonville district received federal aid and built an agriculture building in 1947 and a gym in 1949. In 1966 a new cafeteria was built behind the high school, and in 1967 a new building housed the library, study hall, home economics department and guidance office. A fine arts building was completed in 1971.

In the fall of 1975, a new high school was completed at 402 Tiger Boulevard housing grades 9-12. September 1980 brought a reorganization of the school system again. Bentonville High School housed grades 10-12. As the community has continued to grow and in order to meet the needs of an increasing student population, the leadership of the school board and the support of the citizens of Bentonville combined to make the new high school, located at 1901 Southeast J Street, a reality. The state-of-the-art facility has approximately 230,000 square feet and was built at a cost of approximately $19,000,000.

In 2001, the Arend Arts Center, a multi-million dollar fine arts facility, was opened. The new Tiger Stadium across from the high school opened in 2005 and is considered one of the best high school stadiums in the state.

Bentonville High School has experienced rapid growth. The rapid growth and increase in student population has challenged the district to meet facility needs. In the fall of 2006 Bentonville High School became a 9-12 campus with approximately 2,800 students. In order to accommodate student growth, an additional 275,000 square feet was added to the west, north and east of the original building. Bentonville Schools have successfully met the challenges of change through history. BHS, along with all the district schools, welcomes these challenges and perceives them as opportunities in which to serve the students of the district.

Bentonville High School Addition - Opened August 2006

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1967 Newspaper Article
1973 Building Map
1999 Construction

Tiger Stadium

In the fall of 2001 the Bentonville Public Schools initiated an athletic committee composed of parents, students, teachers and administrators. In the spring of 2002 the committee made recommendations to the Bentonville Public Schools Board of Education. The Bentonville Public Schools with the support of the community passed a millage election on September 16, 2003, which included mills to build a football stadium, multi-purpose facility, baseball, softball and soccer fields and a track. In addition, the band, cheer and dance teams will also have access to the facility. Hight-Jackson and Associates was charged with designing the plans for the new facilities, and Crossland Construction was awarded the bid to build the Tiger Athletic Complex. Groundbreaking was on December 1, 2003.

Prior to the building of the Tiger Athletic Complex, the football stadium was first located in the park that is now a parking lot across from Wal-Mart Headquarters. Tiger Stadium on Tiger Boulevard was built in 1964 as a football stadium with a five-lane track. The seating capacity was 3960. The head coach when the stadium was built was Bob Fuqua. The Booster Club built the stadium with the concrete and land work being donated. The Booster Club signed a note for $6,000 for the steel, and Sheriff Black had prisoners do the welding and installation. The school district provided $3,500 for the lumber needed to complete the bleachers, and the county brought in the surface that was used for the track.

187-227-5 was the record while playing at Tiger Stadium. The Tigers had 13 winning seasons at Tiger Stadium. The most wins was 9-3 under Bob Fuqua until Gary Wear and the Bentonville Tigers won the 5A State Football Championship in 2001 with a 12-1 record.

Prior to the opening of this complex, Bentonville Public Schools have never had their own baseball, softball or soccer fields. In the past, the city has graciously allowed the district to share facilities with them. As our district continued to grow, there has been a need for each sport to have access to their own facilities to include dressing rooms, restrooms and concession stands.

With the completion of this project, Superintendent Gary Compton and Bentonville Public Schools Board of Education President Doylene Fuqua and the school board fulfilled a goal they promised to the community. This goal was to have quality facilities for our academics, arts, and athletics.

*Information acquired from "History of Bentonville Public Schools" by Ruth Barker.

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